BLEACH London Review

So I finally braved it and had my hair cut off! ditched the extensions and went a little crazy. I’ve had ombre hair before and it didn’t last long but I thought it’d look totally different with shorter hair, I wanted loads of blonde! I’ve followed ‘Bleach London’ on Instagram for ages, they have such sick colours and loads of different products! I struggled to find them in stores for a while as they aren’t actually with the other hair dyes, I even found that staff didn’t know of the brand or where it would be located in store. I eventually found them with general hair products – hairspray etc. All their stuff is relatively cheap! luckily, there was a 3 for 2 offer on when I bought mine and I’m pretty sure it only totalled to around £12 😀 I bought the DIY dip dye kit, a silver shampoo and colour ‘washed up mermaid’. Image


I followed the instructions in the ‘DIY dip dye’ kit by seperating my hair into three sections (two front sections and one at the back). This kit comes with a ‘blending lotion’ which is to be applied to the sections of the hair where you want it to blend from one colour to the other. I actually chose to use foils to do my hair as I knew that would give it a more even look and create nice tones throughout the hair. I back-combed the section of hair towards the top where I wanted the ombre to start, applied a small amount of the blending lotion and then applied the foils! I left them on for around 40 minutes and I was amazed by the results! My hair was extremely dark prior to using this and I expected it to go gingery at first but I was so wrong!! My hair went soo blonde straight away! :D:D I washed it and conditioned it (with the repairing conditioner that comes in the kit) then blow dried it straight away.







this photo doesn’t do it justice! It went mega blonde 🙂 I left it like this for all of 24 hours haha! I couldn’t not put the colour on knowing I had bought it! I applied the colour to towel dried hair and left on for 20 minutes then rinsed out with cool water – no shampoo! the first result wasn’t that great, I liked the colour but it wasn’t as bright/extreme as I wanted it! 

I applied it again the next day and it took loads better! I put it up in a messy little bun when I was rushing to get ready and took this photo outside, which really shows off the gorgeous ‘mermaid’ colouring! Image


I love it! It’s even better that it does no damage to my hair and washes out within 7/10 days! I’m excited to try out some of the other colours from this brand throughout the summer!