I’ve used eBay for a few years now, to both buy and sell on. I can’t really fault it, it allows me to buy items in bulk for so much cheaper than other online sites or in stores! however, I discovered Depop a few months ago and it’s honestly one of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded, I love it! It’s pretty much Instagram, in terms of layout but for selling, buying and swapping items! I’ve sold loads already and found myself some great little bargains! There is no insertion fee or deduction from what you make, well if you do it through Paypal ‘friends and family’ that is! I think most users have caught on to this now! I think Depop is a great app for anyone who has a small buisness set up eg; hand made jewellery. This is something I’ve seen a lot of! and just anybody who’s wanting to have a wardrobe clear out and make some money from it! the way I see it is, making anything at all from your old stuff is a bonus cos you’d only throw it out or give it to charity if not, right? 🙂 

It’s mega easy to use too which is always a relief for me personally, I’m rubbish with new apps and technology haha! this app allows you to ‘like’ other users items, sell your own items and add a description, 4 images and a price etc, recieve and give out user reviews (which are viewable to other users who browse your profile). As stated before, this app is very simular to Instagram – which goes for ‘followers’ too! It’s great 🙂 



A great little company I found was ‘krjewellery’, a small company based in South Wales. I’m loving these little cute chokers and necklaces atm and these guys only charge £2.75 including p&p costs which is so good! definitely the cheapest I’ve seen! I’ve looked on eBay for these and the cheapest I could find was around £6, so it’s a huge difference!! krjewllery sell these and a range of other great quality hand made items. I posted a photo of my purchase on as soon as it arrived and uploaded it to Depop to tag them and let them know I loved it! I recieved a message from the company asking for my Instagram username, once I had given them it, shortly after they tagged me in a photo, I thought this was so cute and made it clear customer satisfaction is important to them, which is so nice to see/hear as some companies are only bothered about making a profit! 



so yeah, I’d definitely recommend getting this app! It’s great 😀 however, very addictive haha! xo


BLEACH London Review

So I finally braved it and had my hair cut off! ditched the extensions and went a little crazy. I’ve had ombre hair before and it didn’t last long but I thought it’d look totally different with shorter hair, I wanted loads of blonde! I’ve followed ‘Bleach London’ on Instagram for ages, they have such sick colours and loads of different products! I struggled to find them in stores for a while as they aren’t actually with the other hair dyes, I even found that staff didn’t know of the brand or where it would be located in store. I eventually found them with general hair products – hairspray etc. All their stuff is relatively cheap! luckily, there was a 3 for 2 offer on when I bought mine and I’m pretty sure it only totalled to around £12 😀 I bought the DIY dip dye kit, a silver shampoo and colour ‘washed up mermaid’. Image


I followed the instructions in the ‘DIY dip dye’ kit by seperating my hair into three sections (two front sections and one at the back). This kit comes with a ‘blending lotion’ which is to be applied to the sections of the hair where you want it to blend from one colour to the other. I actually chose to use foils to do my hair as I knew that would give it a more even look and create nice tones throughout the hair. I back-combed the section of hair towards the top where I wanted the ombre to start, applied a small amount of the blending lotion and then applied the foils! I left them on for around 40 minutes and I was amazed by the results! My hair was extremely dark prior to using this and I expected it to go gingery at first but I was so wrong!! My hair went soo blonde straight away! :D:D I washed it and conditioned it (with the repairing conditioner that comes in the kit) then blow dried it straight away.







this photo doesn’t do it justice! It went mega blonde 🙂 I left it like this for all of 24 hours haha! I couldn’t not put the colour on knowing I had bought it! I applied the colour to towel dried hair and left on for 20 minutes then rinsed out with cool water – no shampoo! the first result wasn’t that great, I liked the colour but it wasn’t as bright/extreme as I wanted it! 

I applied it again the next day and it took loads better! I put it up in a messy little bun when I was rushing to get ready and took this photo outside, which really shows off the gorgeous ‘mermaid’ colouring! Image


I love it! It’s even better that it does no damage to my hair and washes out within 7/10 days! I’m excited to try out some of the other colours from this brand throughout the summer!